I’m Nandita.

Welcome to Health Beauty and Body Care!

Today, health is a top priority for all. We have become more health and beauty conscious because we understand that to live a healthy life is a joy. Health is truly our real wealth. My website is all about health Beauty and Body Care.

My Story about using Beauty products and Health Supplements.

I am a regular buyer of beauty products and health supplements. I have used some products which had adverse effect on my skin and health. I remember once just before attending an important wedding in another city, I put on some moisturizing cream on my face as my skin is extremely dry, and immediately my face turned a dark beetroot red and I felt an acute burning sensation on my skin.

I have very sensitive skin and this is why I ensure I use the right skin care product.

A few days before this wedding, I went on a quick weight reduction program and used some health supplements which made me seriously ill.

This is why I make sure I check every product thoroughly before use. I research on the product, reading in detail about it. I check the ingredients in the product, the advese effecs it may have and the benefits of using the product and I read about all the reviews made by the users about the product.

They say health is the greatest gift.

I want to help people understand the benefits of good health and make health and body care a priority to help people lead a happy and healthy life

The goal of my site is to help people make informed choices by reading about healthy lifestyle, recommending health beauty and body care products which are necessary and beneficial to the user and to help them in their choice towards a healthy life.

If you need any help or have a question, please leave a comment below and I will help out.

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